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# Engage

The Engage Module of ThinkingEngine offers solutions to fine operation. You may apply data-informed conclusions to business scenarios via the Engage Module to provide personalized content for users at different stages, thereby fulfilling substantial growth in core metrics like activity, retention and payment.

The essence of the fine operation is to understand users and satisfy their needs. Using the TE Engage Module, you may fulfill:

  • Push designated content to specific groups through diverse channels;
  • More accurately assess the outcomes of operation strategies using full process data in order to continuously iterate operation strategies;
  • Reduce asset damage caused by operation accidents through holistic operation risk management and control.

If you need to enable the Engage Module, please contact our Customer Success Managers or sales associates.

In this section, we will elaborate on how to use the Engage Module to achieve business growth:

Operation Tasks are carriers of operation strategies and personalized content can be pushed via operation tasks.

  • Creating Operation Tasks You can create and publish an operation task while segmenting audience, selecting push timing, configuring personalized content and setting conversion targets.
  • Operation Task Management To better manage operation tasks, you may approve, publish, pause tasks, view push history, modify their sub-groups and copy and delete tasks.
  • Task Effect Analysis Assessing the outcomes of operation strategies is a very important step in operation. You may view the outcomes of operation tasks in real time through Task Outcome Analysis ranging from aggregated data of tasks, reach and target conversion data per day or push to conversion or user loss analysis.

Campaigns are a combination of multiple operation tasks based on the same operation goals, supporting the batch creation of operation tasks with the same theme, helping operation specialist to improve work efficiency and evaluate the effectiveness of operation campaigns.

  • Creating Campaigns You can create multiple themes under a single operation campaign, which support the batch creation of operation tasks based on the same target audience and push timing. At the same time, you can also create independent tasks to meet a variety of flexible combination of application scenarios.
  • Campaign Management introduces the management of operation campaigns, the campaign approval process, and the campaign status and corresponding operations (pause, finish, delete, edit, etc.).
  • Campaign Effect Analysis will provide you with relevant information and data reports at the campaign level, allowing you to have an overview of the overall operational situation and detailed data related to the campaign.

Engage Settings provide a capacity of management for the Engage Module. You may learn how to create a channel and carry out necessary operation security settings from the following document.

  • Channel Management is used to configure channels for operation reach, channel status management and channel availability test.
  • Delivery Caps is used to configure fatigue control rules for reach channels in order to avoid too much disturbance against users.
  • Approval Settings Here, you may set approvers for operation tasks. An operation task can only come into effect after it has been re-approved.
  • White List Management Here, you may add or manage the white list. When creating an operation task, you may designate a white list for the task (white list users are able to receive each push of the operation task).
  • Localization You can set user language property to support multi-language versions of push content for operation tasks.
  • Preset Event Settings Here you can customize the "New User Event", "Active Event", and "Top-up Event". After the configuration is successful, metrics related to activity, new users, and payments in the "Operational Key Metrics" become calculable and can be used for daily monitoring of operation data.

Workspace provides the ability to globally monitor the Engage module, helping operation specialists to understand key operation metrics and to schedule current operation tasks in the project.

  • Operation Key Metrics allows you to use four metric cards to monitor daily operational tasks, push performance, and active indicators.
  • Schedule Chart allows for viewing the Gantt chart of all ongoing operation tasks.

In addition, we will also provide you with operation scenarios in the form of Best Practices for your reference.