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# Engage Settings

Engage Settings Module supplies you with Channel Management、Delivery Caps、Approval Settings and White List Management。

Channel Management:You can create new channel and manage existing channels. Management operations like outgoing tests, enabling/disabling channels and editing/deletion are supported.

Delivery Caps:You can set rules of delivery caps for each reach channel and enable delivery caps when creating operation tasks to reduce excessive disturbance to users.

Approval Settings:You can manage approvers on the Approval Settings page through operations like adding and deleting approvers.

White List Management:You can view and manage the white list through operations like adding, deleting, and modifying remarks.

Localization : You can set user language property here to support multi-language versions of push content for operation tasks.

Preset Event Settings Here you can customize the definition of "New User Event", "Active Event", and "Top-up Event". After the configuration is successful, metrics related to activity, new users, and payments in the "Operational Key Metrics" become available and can be used for daily monitor of operation data.