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# Campaigns

Operation campaigns are a combination of multiple operation tasks based on the same operation goals, supporting the batch creation of operation tasks with the same theme, helping operation specialist to improve work efficiency and evaluate the effectiveness of operation campaigns.

Operation campaigns are divided into short-term campaigns and permanent campaigns based on the campaign duration. The types of campaigns include Top-up, Consume, Active, Open-server, Others, and you can also create custom types. You can create multiple operation themes under a single operation campaign, and batch create operation tasks based on the same target audience and push timing for one theme. At the same time, independent tasks can also be created under the campaign to meet various flexible needs.

Creating Campaigns: This section will provide a detailed explanation on how to create an operation campaign, configure themes and tasks, and launch it for use.

Campaign Management: This section will introduce the interface of operation campaign management, the campaign approval process, as well as the campaign status and corresponding operations (such as pausing, closing, deleting, editing, etc.).

Campaign Effect Analysis: This section will provide relevant information on data reports at the campaign level, allowing you to have a macro view of the overall operation situation and detailed data related to the campaigns.