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# Version Introduction

# v4.3

# Core features

# Analytics Module

  1. Heatmap

    Analyze the distribution of player behavior on the game map to validate the rationality of the game map design.

  2. Leaderboard

    Quickly identify top N performers based on your custom criteria.

  3. Retention model improved

    Using metrics like LT, cumulative payment ratio etc. to better evaluate users' long-term performance.

  4. Fix time range on [dashboard]

    Set a unified time range for all reports in dashboards, which is suitable for scenarios for overall data observation.

  5. Intercept reporting

    Set interception rules based on event names to avoid dirty data. Bulk operation is provided to improve efficiency.

  6. [Customize chart color scheme]

    Select a preferred color scheme for all visualized charts in your project from 'Project Settings'.

# Engage Module

  1. Horse-racing tests

    Triggered tasks support running a small-scale test within the experiment groups before pushing to all audience.

  2. [Custom triggers]

    Support task triggers based on scenarios in your app, such as when a player's energy is fully restored.

  3. Audience segmentation improved

    Target audience segmentation in triggered tasks supports using custom properties and cohorts.

  4. Operation performance metrics

    Operation tasks support setting performance metrics at any operation node to help evaluate the operation effects.

# Optimizations

  1. Analytics Module - Trend chart supports configuration of auxiliary lines
  2. Analytics Module - Trend chart supports the configuration of Y-axis upper and lower limits
  3. Analytics Module - Pie chart supports custom display of the first N
  4. Analytics Module - Interval analysis supports custom intervals
  5. Analytics Module - Interval analysis can show more quantile indicators
  6. Analytics Module - The visual module supports dragging of multiple fields at same time
  7. Analytics Module - Dashboard notes support uploading pictures
  8. Operation Module - Operation task triggers support using custom properties

# v4.2

# Core features

# Analytics Module

  1. Attribution Analysis

Explore how each touchpoint contributes to the conversion goal. Measure the ROI of your resource placement, and optimize your placement strategy.

  1. Drill-down and Roll-up in Events

Conveniently expand the overview metric into more granular metrics through drill-down and gain deeper insights.

  1. Use Custom Events in Flows

You can now easily find the typical flow of a compound event without having to add up the flows.

  1. Rich Text Format in Notes

You can better illustrate your insights with Notes by styling your content and adding links when necessary.

  1. Assets Management for Project Owner

Collaboration has been made easier with project owner able to edit, share, and delete any asset in the project.

  1. Third-party Integration Plans

One-stop solution for setting up data integration from 45 supported platforms. You can easily view and adjust the parameters.

# Engage Module

  1. A/B Test

Run task with different content on experiment groups to compare the goal metrics and make scientific decisions on content optimization.

  1. Campaigns

Engage Campaign is introduced as a way to evaluate the overall effect of multiple tasks with the same objectives and the key to improve operation efficiency. Operation specialists can batch create, edit, and submit tasks on the same theme to simplify the workflow.

  1. Workspace

Workspace provides a global monitor to keep the team informed on key metrics and task schedules.

  1. APNs Push Notification

Connect easily to APNs channel with certificates and start sending in-app notifications to Apple devices.

# Optimizations

  1. Event Details and User Details in New Tabs
  2. Project Picture
  3. ETL Error-Recognition Improved
  4. Know Scope of Impact Before Time Zone Modifications
  5. Engage - Date and Time Supported in Content Template
  6. Engage - Webhook Channel Upgraded to Custom Channel

# v4.1

# Core Features

# Analysis Module

  1. The ability of Custom Alerts is optimized

    Timezone selection and delayed calculation are enabled for a single custom alert task.

  2. Behavioral tag supports behavioral sequence conditions

    Users could be labeled based on their behavior mode.

  3. "Hold Property Constant" is supported in Rentention

    You can get more accurate retention data.

  4. The ability of Overview is enhanced, enabling more accurate results to be obtained

    Weighted average is supported in overview method for “ratio metrics” in Events.

  5. "Future Date" selection is supported in Date Filter

    Making Dashboards for Activities planned in the future is feasible.

  6. System data usage history

    You can understand data usage of different projects and get notified of abnormal usage increase.

  7. Three-party integration supports scheduled and single pull data

    You can specify the time range and frequency for pulling data from third-party platforms, and manually triggering data pulling is also supported.

# Engage Module

  1. Operation tasks support multi-language content push

    It is feasible to push different content to players with different language habits based on a single Engage task.

  2. Operation tasks can be pushed based on the user's time zone

    It is feasible to push content to players that locate in different areas based on their time zone on a single Engage task.

# Optimization

  1. Saving Reports to Dashboards is supported in Analytics.
  2. Updating time suggestion & updating status clue is supported for scheduled update in Reports.
  3. In Dynamic parameters of SQL IDE, “Contains” is supported in Text expression, "Date range" is supported in Time expression.

# v4.0

# Core Features

  1. Behavior cohort supports behavioral sequence conditions
  2. Multi-phase comparison is now available in Events
  3. Customized dashboard templates
  4. Full data is now available in visualization
  5. Fast import project assets with Asset Box
  6. Member permissions can be batch edited
  7. New Navigation Bar
  8. Key operation processes of dashboards are streamlined
  9. ThinkingEngine is now available in English/Japanese/Korean

# Optimization

  1. Optimization of custom property creation process
  2. Query of Product Metrics data in OpenApi
  3. Detail page of meta data is added
  4. Report name & description can be edited
  5. Existing Reports can be used when copying dashboards
  6. Display of the retention group is optimized
  7. Interactive experience of Formulas is upgraded